Optimizing the Experience of Home Living through Science

At Home Organization Science Labs, we nurture a better understanding and optimize the experience of home living based on home organization science and practice-inspired frameworks and systems.

We operate as a division of LMSL, the Life Management Science Labs, a community that rigorously researches, curates, and creates the best life management solutions using science. We are your life companions and seek to use technology that enables us to reach people when they need us and support them in their transformational journey.
Home Organization Science Labs

how we do it

The Life Management Science Labs is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from several departments such as Multimedia, Publishing, Marketing, Creative, Project Management, and more.
These departments all work together toward the same goal: to become lifelong companions that provide a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an anchoring point for answering life’s questions. We aim to achieve this by creating offerings that will help members of our community worldwide.

Our courses are designed to provide real-world knowledge and abilities that will make a real difference in your day-to-day life. 

We created a podcast series so individuals or our “champions” can learn the roadmap to the perfect home aesthetic — simply plug your headphones in.

Here you’ll find articles discussing the most recent findings in the field of home organization science, as well as useful tips for improving your own life.

Personal empowerment and Development With Science

Our instructors are passionate about life management science — they have been meticulously researching techniques that will help you improve your own life, too. They’ll share with you their best tips and tricks for overcoming challenges and creating lasting change. Discover our latest courses!
Decluttering Course

Home Organization

Fundamentals of Decluttering

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Kitchen Organization Course

Home Organization

Fundamentals of Kitchen Organization

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Room by Room: The Home Organization Science Insights Podcast

Room by Room: The Home Organization Science Insights Podcast talks to experts about different aspects of home organization. Life Management Science Labs developed this podcast to increase the quality of life in your home and make it more livable.

We talk about the benefits of making your bed, clutter and why it happens, why big tiles are more hygienic, and so much more. Each topic addresses an element from the comprehensive framework of several domains and elements created by the Center for Home Organization Science.

Latest Articles From The Insights Magazine

How confident are you in your home organization abilities for home aesthetics?

With so much on your plate, organizing your home can be challenging. We’re all striving to keep our homes clean and neat for our families and housemates, but we occasionally fall short.

Keeping up with the daily organization and decluttering is both difficult and time-consuming. And there’s nothing wrong with seeking help to improve.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer you this free Home Organization Quiz, which will help you understand your current level of skill and find our suggestions on how to improve it.

Home Organization quiz
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